Site Announcement

Dear Wake County Senior Dems,

We're delighted to announce the formal opening of our new Internet presences with the domain
The website is intended a a point of entry to major content as well as to the facebook page and the blog.

The blog, or news site, will be various items of news that are posted as they develop throughout each month. Blog items will be open for comments and comments on comments.

    Please be civil but do put forth your values facts and opinions to share with others. You can sign up there to receive emails as blog content changes.

    By sharing those emails you an promote knowledge of what Wake Senior Dems is doing.   

You can chose which of these you wish to focus on.

At the blog you can sign up (right side) to receive emails when posts on the site change.

For a short period we had Facebook and Twitter pages, but maintaining them required more effort than we had strength.

Michael Rulison, WCSD Editor
919 205 9168

Find an UNA !

Please invite an UNA to lunch (or some other event) with you. UNA is shorthand for a voter registered as UNAffiliated. Neither Democrats nor Republicans can prevail at the voting booth without votes from UNAs. So let's help the UNAs understand why voting Democratic would support their values.

For A Fair America

January 2018 Newsletter

Wake County Senior Democrats
January 2018 Newsletter

2018 Theme: The Constitution

Meeting:  Wednesday January 17, 2018

at Golden Corral, Glenwood Ave, 11am-1pm,
buffet lunch $11.75 plus gratuity (a discount is given for seniors)

Wake County Senior Democrats –
 meeting of fellowship and discussion.

Linda Coleman, as candidate for US Congress 13th District will talk with us about addressing the needs of citizens and her vision and remedies for our current situation.

For a Fair America (FAFA).

--- A slogan for our times? [Courtesy of TW]


An eclectic table of possible sources of data, news or information, classified as Progressive or Conservative. we offer it to provide us with a few places we might check out either to confirm the biases we already have, or to see what those who disagree with us are saying or concerned about….
More at search for sources-data.html.

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Minutes of Meeting – December 2017

President Benson Kirkman opened our meeting by welcoming members and guests. Nancy and John Brooks and Suzanne Sanford decorated our meeting room with festive Christmas decorations.

We had two guests who gave their stump speeches for the offices they are running for: Ken Romley is running for US Congress in District 2 against George Holding. Mr. Romley has started several business in the Triangle area. He believes that there should be policy changes to benefit the American people. Gerald Baker is running for Wake County Sheriff. He wants to see law officers spend time in neighborhoods and serve all people in the county.
Ken Maruyama has created the WCSD  website and Facebook sites. To access the Facebook page first sign into Facebook and then go to To access the Web Site go to Please let Ken know any constructive ideas you may have about these sites: and phone number: 310-633-3208.
Willie Rowe said Linda Colman will be our speaker for January 17.
We saluted the Flag of NC and the meeting was adjourned. We hope everyone will have an enjoyable holiday. Our next meeting will be January 17, 2018. Please remember to pay your dues for 2018.
Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Sanford, Secretary


Treasurer’s Report

WCSD Treasurer's Report as of 12-31-2017 year end

Year to date I & E

Year to date Assets:

Total Donations
Prior Year Assets
+ Interest
+ Net Income in 2017
= Total Income
= Total Assets
- Total Expenses

= Net Income

2018 Investing in Members

One of our first political investments should be toward the continued solvency of the Wake County Senior Democrats.

We ask for a minimum investment of $20.00 from each member. Paying by check makes accounting easier and more transparent. It is not tax deductible. And, of course, for those who can, larger contributions are gratefully received.

Members should know that we ask for money in order to help the Wake County Democratic Party and the NC Senior Democrats by our contributions. Examples include: Wake County Voter slate cards, get out the vote (GOTV) mailings in Wake County, and local focused meetings.
– John Yelvington, Treasurer

Links for Dems
Web Site

Wake County Senior Democrats

Senior Dems -NC

Wake Dems

State Dems

Other Wake Auxiliaries (Young, African-American, Progressive, Fighting, LGBT, Men’s, Women)

Officers, Wake County Senior Democrats
Benson Kirkman
919 859 1187
Willie Rowe
Vice President
919 291 2077
John Yelvington
919 530 0834
Suzanne Sanford
919 779 3174
Newsletter Team:
Correspondents: B. Kirkman, & Willie Rowe & J Catherine Windsor.  We welcome feedback and contributions for future newsletters. Let us know how you want this newsletter to serve WCSD and all Democrats.

This document may be cited as:
Wake County Senior Democrats Newsletter, 2018:01, January.

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