Voting - Fall 2018

Voting and ID - the virtues of mail-in voting

How shall we vote?

  • In person
    • on election day
    • on some earlier day
    • with curbside assistance
    Cost: time, energy, travel and possibly an acceptable photo ID
  • By mail
    Cost: time, energy, postage, a signature witness and NO photo ID
For some folks, the mail-in ballots is a deal-breaker because of postage cost and/or lack of photo ID. Is there a way to set aside funds that the group could tap to offset postage cost for those who need it? Because voting by mail does not require a photo ID.

For example, could each candidate sponsor from 2 to 5  mail-in ballots? Could each auxiliary sponsor 8 to 12 mail-in ballots? Could each county party sponsor 10 to 15 ballots? Perhaps some persons might individually want to sponsor a few or even many mail-in ballots.  I say 'sponsor' with the intent that each sponsorship should be promoted and publicized, including pictures.

What do you think?

Any registered voter may vote an absentee ballot. No reason. like travel,  is required.

    BTW: NC ID cards (from DMV) are provided without fee for some persons; it is worth checking. 
Organizations that might collaborate in finding those who need the postage sponsorship:
Voter's Coalition 
 NC Voters for Clean Elections   NCVCE coordinates lobbying efforts and advocacy reforms for its allies and affiliates. We provide groups with speakers, research and literature on money in politics. We also coordinate leadership trainings and other programs with coalition partners that highlight how private money impacts politics.
What is the link to the ballot request form?

It's the Law....and then it isn't

Welcome to another Trumpestuous day! - 20 June 2018

Subject to later revision (like much of what POTUS says) here are some thoughts. Your comments are welcome.
  • The law is always subject to re-interpretation, by POTUS and the rest of us.
  • POTUS is affected by public pressure. Today he caved on traumatizing infants and children.
  • Tomorrow and next week it may be something else. But having caved once, he is no longer invincible.
  • The media have finally started calling child separation "his policy." His staff can lie about 'policy' and facts, but they cannot hide permanently. "Soon  there will be no secrets," as my mother-in-law once said.
  • No one seems to know how children are linked to parents. (finger prints, blood or dna sample, identification bracelet, other?) Is there an online database? Would you trust the party in power to get you the right package of groceries?
  • Republicans are on the wrong side of the separation issue, no matter what they say. They are in a fight they cannot win and re-elections will sway in the balance until November brings closure.
  • Democrats need to do a 5-hop victory dance 😇 and then get back to basics. Here's a quote:

"I’ve spent 14 of the past 23 days embedded with tens-of-thousands of country music fans from across the country at shows and festivals in Maryland, Virginia and Nashville. They weren’t racists. They weren’t stupid.
They weren’t bad people lacking a moral compass. But you know what? There is zero effort from the Democratic Party to engage these people in any meaningful way."
"You cannot win elections if you aren’t willing to thoughtfully engage people in a genuine attempt to win hearts and minds."
  --- Huffington Post

So? What are OUR values and how do we tell folks about them?

Borders and Immigrants

Separating Children from Parents

Separating children from parents seeking asylum or just trying to come here to get a job IS government policy. [POTUS may lie about this but it is not proper for other officials to lie to us citizens.]

Does such separation make us more secure? No.
Does it change conditions in the country of origin so that current refugees and immigrants might stay in that country. No.
Does it represent American, or even Christian values?  Doubtful.
Does it create trauma and more hardship for parents and children? Yes.
Does it add more than $1.5 million a month* to the costs of handling refugees and migrants? Yes.Is this a good deal for the U.S.?  No. It is a lose-lose deal that POTUS has agreed to.

* Back-of-the-envelope estimate:
  1. Children separated from parents from mid-May to mid-June    2000 children
  2. Child care workers hired to substitute for unpaid parental labor   1 per 20 children = 100 workers/shift
  3. Salaries and benefits per child care worker per hour    $20
  4. Worker hours per day   three eight-hour shifts,  24 hours
  5. Days per month   30
  6. workers * $/hour * hours/shift * shifts/day * days/month  = 100 * 20 * 8 * 3 * 30 =  $1,440,000 per month for direct general supervision
  7. Cost of food/child/day/month  $10 * 2000 * 30  = $60,000. $10/child/day is pretty minimal.
  8. Minimal costs per month to supervise and feed 2000 separated children: $1,500,000 per month.
  9. Not included: costs of housing, transportation of children separated from parents, educational services separate from general supervision, health care and disease prevention, creating and maintaining records linking parents and children, legal counsel for children separate from their parents, administrative personnel to hire and supervise direct child care workers.

On Being Active

Well, that opens the door to lots of issues. In order to be an active Democrat, you will want to be healthy. Medicare may be part of that process.

You may be aware that Medicare is replacing ID's showing a social security number with new ones that DO NOT SHOW your social security number --- to help keep your social security number away from scammers and other nasties.

New cards will be sent in random order until April of 2019. You may get yours sooner or later in that period and not at the same time as others in your household. Be patient.

But: put the old card away safely; Why: because claims against that number may be filed for up to 18 months after date of service.

And: bring you NEW medicare card to coming appointments ALONG WITH ID cards for any other health insurance you have, including Medicare Advantage plans. Health providers need to get ID's correct from ALL cards to get billings handled correctly.

Questions: NC SHIIP or 855 408 1212 at NC Department of Insurance.

WCSD Phone Volunteers

Dear Followers of Wake County Senior Democrats,

We cannot do volunteering the military way: "You, you and you."

Good News: Mary E. I. is our first volunteer!
More Good News: Barbara S. is our second volunteer! 

So we are asking, gently for a handful of you to step forward and offer us some of your valuable time, from your home, to call
  1. WCSD's who have fallen off the wagon but might rejoin us with a little nudge by phone, and/or
  2. Some registered Democrats who have been active voters, and might consider attending and joining WCSD.
We'd like to do as much of this as we can before about 18 June, but will continue after that time as well.
We'll give you a short script to use and a list of a dozen or so names and phones.
Just reply to me if you are willing to 'volunteer.'

 -- Michael Rulison 919 205 916,

WCSD Newsletter - June 2018

Wake County Senior Democrats

June 2018 Newsletter

Meeting: Wednesday June 20, 2018

Please share this with relatives, neighbors, and friends; 
invite some to join you at the meeting

at Golden Corral, Glenwood Ave, 11am-1pm,
buffet lunch $11.75 plus gratuity (a discount is given for seniors)

Wake County Senior Democrats –meeting of fellowship, discussion and Activism.

 20 June Meeting for Lunch.

June Meeting Presenter Karen Rindge, Executive Director of WakeUP Wake County will speak UP for a better tomorrow in terms of Transportation * Land Use * Public Schools * Drinking Water * Affordable Housing.
Karen Rindge has worked with WakeUP since its inception in 2006.  She spent 10 years in Washington DC working in non-profit advocacy and grassroots organizing and as a legislative aide to NC Congressman James McClure Clarke. She is a graduate of UNC-CH and the University of Zimbabwe. Mother of two, she volunteers in their Wake County schools.

WakeUP Wake County, a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization, focuses on the challenges and opportunities created by our tremendous growth. We lead public engagement on issues that impact our quality of life: transportation, land use, drinking water, and public schools. We educate citizens and policy-makers about how our region should plan for growth. Our goal is to ensure sustainable, healthy communities for a better tomorrow.

Recruit and bring a friend to this last lunch meeting before our July, summer break.


Malcolm and Elaine Williams have dropped off our radar screen; telephone is not answered or has noisy non-message. If you know them and how to reach them, please call or send information to - M. Rulison at 919 205 9168. Ditto for Bill Page.

Volunteeers - military style. We really will need many hands to make light work of calling members and potential members. Say 5 to 8 short calls of one or two minutes inviting folks to coming meetings.


NC Senior Democrat of the Year -- is our own President Benson Kirkman !! Hip Hip Hurray. He received this recognition and a  certificate at the state convention of Senior Democrats in mid-May.
👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


Please visit our sources pages at We need some traffic there and you will learn something you did not know about sites for news, elections, discussions, etc.

Ditto our blog pages at

Officers in action

WCSD officers held a planning meeting on 31 May. Results: a rough budget of about $2000 in expenditures that focuses solely on the party or campaign groups during the nest 12 months. It is balanced to stay within expected contributions. Official membership records will be centralized under the leadership of Treasuer Ken Maruyama, who is also responsible for sending required reports to the Board of Elections. Plans were started for operating a telephone tree to remind and encourage senior Democrats to participate in monthly meetings and to be active in supporting Democrat candidates.

Lunch at the Media

As the saying goes, "There is no free lunch." To which I would add, "But there are free riders." So, activat...