Who is the opposition?

Campaign Talk

It is time to forget the POTUS, who tweets from behind the windows at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. Yes, he can be a problem. But without a majority in the US House and US Senate, he is much less a problem.

So, let's turn our attention to Congress and the NC General Assembly. Let us do the necessary act to change our elected representatives: We have more Democrats than Republicans. We can elect Democrats if every Democrat votes in November or before.

When will you vote? Day, time, and place? Commit yourself to this action. Ask your significant other for their commitment to do the same. Ask the same of your children, friends, of your car pool, of the folks you schmooze with. Let them know that voting is COOL!

It's not about POTUS, its about bread on the table, health care at an office, not the emergency room, about not raising the national debt by paying fair taxes, about fair pay for honest work. These are issues that Democrats stand for and Republicans go off-camera.

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